Subi is one among the people who got impressed by Science & Technology. He love exploring things & experimenting on it. He said that his general way of learning is through his own experiences. He use to say “My curiosity is the one that leads me to every next step”. Subi is known to have developed his knowledge on multi-domains with the use of available resources, It is also known that he use to build up his knowledge in almost all fields of Science and keep on updating it. Connected with world wide web for more than a decade Computers & Internet played an important role in Subi’s growth from childhood. As being skeptic from his childhood, Subi use to question a lot about everything.

“I have got all the things in my life, but i don’t feel satisfied with it, when many others in the world has got nothing, starving and struggling without any basic needs to live, when poverty, injustice, corruption, superstitions are dominating and misleading the human race. I cannot simply enjoy my life assuming that i’m fortunate. I should come forward to fulfill the needs of those poor needy homeless people to make their life better. I feel that i have got a responsibility to take care of all of them. I don’t interest in money or wealth, i just want to see happiness in everyone’s face” – Subi.